Wednesday, 13 April 2022

Information on duty rates on exports of sunflower seeds to EU countries

Experts of the UAC analytical center "Smart Country" analyzed the Law of Ukraine "On rates of export duty on seeds of certain oilseeds" and provided clarification directly on the rates of duties on exports of sunflower seeds to the European Union. According to the first part of Article 1 of this Law, the rate of export (export duty on sunflower seeds, ground one or not ground) is set at 16% of the customs value. However, in accordance with p...
Tuesday, 12 April 2022

Ukraine’s wheat harvest, which feeds the world, can’t leave the country

With ports closed because of the war, vast amounts of wheat can’t reach nations that rely on it PERVOMAISK, Ukraine — The grain Ukraine produces is found everywhere. Much of the bread in the Middle East is made from it. Much of what aid organizations distribute to stave off famine in Yemen...
Monday, 11 April 2022

Ukraine can significantly expand exports of agricultural products due to assistance of Poland and Lithuania – Andriy Dykun

Blocking the chains of exporting agricultural products because of the war has led to a lack of working capital among farmers in the midst of the sowing campaign. Export potential can be expanded by shipping Ukrainian cargoes to Lithuanian ports through Poland, but it should be officially supported by the countries. The Chairman of the Ukrainian AgriCouncil (UAC) Andriy Dykun took part in a meeting organized by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food, chaired by the Minister Mykola Solsky, with the Ambassador of...
Monday, 4 April 2022

On two fronts. How agrarians together ensure sowing and food security in hotspots

Ukrainian agrarians, members of the Ukrainian Agri Council, have been helping the army, refugees and townspeople in the places of active fighting since the first days of the war. Now they carry out these activities in parallel with the sowing campaign. Non-stop They are reluctant to tell how they are helping others and are happier to share their plans for the sowing campaign carried out in extremely difficult conditions. It is necessary to feed t...
Friday, 1 April 2022

Kees Huizinga: European politicians need to talk about how bread is made so that they understand the scale of the food threat

Dutch farmer Kees Huizinga, a member of the Ukrainian Agri Council, has owned a farm in Ukraine for the past 20 years. In early March, he traveled to Europe to convey to western politicians the importance of supporting Ukraine in times of Russian aggression. During this time, the farmer held dozens of meetings with deputies, ministers, representatives of international organizations, spoke on the a...