The “Ukrainian Agri Council” Public Union (“UAC” Public Union) is a voluntary, non-governmental organization which was found in June, 2014. The Union was established on the basis of common interests and is aimed to realize rights and freedoms, protect legitimate social and economic interests of its members. The Union members’ total land area is 2 100 000 ha.

The main objective is to ensure sustainable development of the Ukrainian agrarian sector.

Our target is representation and protection of the Union members as well as improvement of agricultural practices in Ukraine up to the level of agribusiness industry in advanced countries.

Today, the “UAC” Public Union is one of the initiators of an active unification of agricultural producers. We are currently implementing legislative support of the agroindustrial complex, advocating for the interests of farmers, informing about changes in legislation, politics and on the market, holding field-oriented events such as congresses, forums, conferences, seminars, as well as meetings of stakeholders throughout the territory of Ukraine.

Areas of activity:

1. Advocationg / Protection of the interests of agricultural producers at the legislative level

2. Legal support

3. Advisory Center

4. Information support

5. Cooperation

6. Additional services

Monday, 1 January 2018


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