The rains prevent from the harvest and sowing. Not all farmers will be able to sow in the agronomic terms. We expect the reduction of the cropland of autumn crops up to 30% Last year up to 5 million hectares were sown at this time. Now it is just over 1 million. The Deputy Chair of the Ukrainian Agri Council, Denis Marchuk informed to Fakty journalists.

"There’s a yawning gap. The same is with harvesting. Now sunflowers and soybeans are being actively harvested. Sunflowers are rotting. Its storing price will increase, because they will need to be dried," he said.

Marchuk pointed out that some people would not harvest corn at all. Considering the market price of harvesting and drying it will be unprofitable to hold the price.

"Someone says that will store until December. Others will harvest in the spring. Taking into account these trends, weather conditions today are enormously powerful," the expert emphasizes.

Farmers are about 3 weeks behind in harvesting sunflowers. All those are the basis for the obtained harvest, and might possibly lead to a decrease in the gross harvest, which was previously discussed. Although the early crops have been harvested without the threat to food security.

"If we are talking about wheat and barley, although the harvest is not last year's, it is more than enough to ensure the country's food security. So we even consider its export. We have more than 19 million tons of wheat, we consume 4 million. You see, that we can provide export as well," says Denys Marchuk.

At the same time, it will affect farmers and reduce the number of agricultural enterprises.

"This year, intentions to sow autumn crops decreased. It was impossible to sell products cyclically, so there was no working capital. If you sold for a low price, the received profit does not give you the opportunity to buy seeds, mineral fertilizers, fuel, so that to prepare the enterprise for the sowing campaign. 

And under those conditions, we said that 30% would leave, but now, due to weather conditions, this number is increased,"  the expert believes.

Although October is promised to be dry, it still takes a week or two for the ground to dry out so that the equipment can work in the field.

Monday, 10 October 2022


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