The Ukrainian Agri Council, together with other agrarian associations, defended the right of farmers to use semi-wagons for the transportation of grain by Ukrzaliznytsia. 

Earlier, the management of railway announced that it plans to ban the transportation in bulk, in wagons that are not regulated by technical standards i.e. semi-wagons, from March 1.

 The reason was the rules for the operation of wagons for the transportation of goods - the transportation of grain or products that need to be protected against weather conditions is carried out in covered or specialized wagons (hopper-grain wagons). 

However, they decided to deviate from this norm at the beginning of Russia's full-scale attack, when a shortage of grain wagons appeared. After the shortage of specialized wagons disappeared, the UZ decided to reinstate the ban on the transportation of grain by semi-wagons, but for some reason the ban applied only to private companies. The management of railway decided to make an exception for UZ wagons.

The UAC, together with representatives of the Ukrainian agricultural community, immediately called on the UZ to refrain from such a step until the end of martial law, or to remove this rule at all. Today, the cost of using semi-cars is three times lower than that of grain cars. A new stage of rising logistics costs may cause bankruptcy for the war-weakened economies. 

Today, the UZ announced that they will not ban the transportation of grain in semi-wagons, but will encourage farmers to switch to specialized wagons by lowering the prices for their use. In addition, the minimum rate for the use of semi-wagons belonging to UZ will be reduced - from UAH 1,400/day to UAH 812 per day.

Thursday, 9 February 2023


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