The important British agricultural award "Farmers Weekly Awards 2022" has been presented to all Ukrainian farmers this year.

"We thank to the organizers and our farmers. We continue supporting Ukraine's economy and work to prevent hunger in Ukraine and the world," said Andrii Dykun, the Chair of the Ukrainian Agri Council.

The agricultural sector works in difficult wartime conditions, when the possibilities of selling products are limited, prices are low, and some enterprises are destroyed or damaged.

"Despite the Istanbul Agreement, it is difficult for all farmers. But everyone is in different situations. There are agricultural enterprises in the occupied territories, the Russians destroy their farms, steal their equipment, do not let them work in the fields. And there are enterprises in the de-occupied territories. They lost almost everything: equipment, crops. The Russians destroyed their farms," ​​Andrii Dykun said. 

However, there is an initiative to create a farmer-to-farmer program to help producers from the de-occupied territories. "It would be great if farmers from all over the world joined our initiatives to help farmers survive this war. And I dream of starting this process together with British farmers," added the Chair of the UAC

Tuesday, 11 October 2022


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