Ukrainian farmers help the armed forces in their victory. In the first year of the war, members of the Ukrainian Agri Council delivered 550 pickups to the front lines. Another 20 pickups recently went to the East to support the soldiers of the new army corps of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In general, the farmers plan to deliver more than 100 SUVs and other vehicles that the military need at the front in the near future.

"Transport on the front line is the second urgent request after drones. In the conditions of war, cars "live" at the front from two weeks to two months, and sometimes - for one day, so the need for them is very high and directly proportional to the activity of hostilities: during intense battles, cars are often damaged and it is impossible to repair them. But these cars save the lives of our defenders. That's why, from the first days of the full-scale offensive, the members of the UAC united not only to ensure food security, we all joined together to collect funds for pickups, because one truck means at least one saved life. We understand this well, and this is how we thank our military, because they stand in defense of the state and risk the most precious thing that each of us has - lives. Today we sent 20 pickup trucks to a separate army corps. Then - more."- noted the chair of the UAC Andrii Dykun.

According to him, the military will be able not only to shoot down air targets with these cars, but also deliver ammunition, equipment and military equipment to the front.

Currently, the assistance of farmers is aimed at providing vehicles for the newly created army corps, which is preparing for a major counterattack. In order to speed up the equipment of the military, farmers help not only financially, but also give their own cars.

"It is also not easy for us, because many of us have destroyed farms, fields are mined, farms are under occupation, equipment is stolen or destroyed by invaders, but the agricultural sector remains the locomotive of the state economy in the most difficult times for Ukraine and for every farmer. Our participants also serve in the Armed Forces, sow fields where possible, ensure national food security, but we understand that the frontline is  hardest place now, so we have to support our defenders," said Alla Stechyshyn, a member of the UAC, director of an agricultural company in Ternopil Oblast .

The Ukrainian Agri Council unites more than 1,100 medium and small agricultural enterprises from all over Ukraine. During the year, farmers from all regions of the country organised the fundraising for pick-ups, regardless of where the hostilities took place.

UAC participants are grateful to everyone who helps with the provision of the military, because war is a common sorrow, and Victory is our main national goal.

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Friday, 7 April 2023


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