Ukrainian barley has leveled off in price compared to corn, which makes it more competitive and contributes to the growth of demand. This was discussed on April 2 during the analytical briefing of the First Ukrainian Agricultural Cooperative, created within the UAC.

"Ukraine exported 339,000 tons of barley in March, which is one of the record figures of the season.  We can expect to export 200,000 tons each in April and May. In the feed group of grains, prices have developed in favor of barley: corn is USD10 per ton more expensive than barley. As a result, Ukrainian barley has become more competitive and is in demand from the EU and Turkey. The main barley trade takes place in Odesa ports, where the notional price is about USD145 per ton. We predict that the price tags will rise by another USD1-2 per ton this week," was mentioned by the analytical department of the FUAC.

On the domestic market, barley prices also increased.

"A week ago, processors could buy barley at 4,700-5,000 UAH/t, as of April 2, real prices rose to 5,200-5,400 UAH/t on a CPT basis," the FUAC added.

Ukraine is actively sowing barley. "The sowing campaign continues, almost 292,000 hectares have been sown, which is a normal pace. According to the forecasts of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, the barley acreage will be about 810,000 hectares.  The main regions where barley is cultivated are Odesa and Mykolaiv. The farther away from the port the region is, the lower the profitability of barley cultivation there," the analysts explained.

Indicative prices for the new barley harvest are USD145-155 per ton on CPT port basis.

Wednesday, 3 April 2024


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