The Chairman of the Ukrainian Agri Council, Andrii Dykun, together with representatives of other specialized associations, took part in a bilateral meeting of the Ministers of Agriculture of Ukraine and Poland, which took place on March 27 in Warsaw. The Ukrainian side had been insisting on holding this meeting for over a month.

The parties discussed the situation on the Ukrainian-Polish border and the conditions for continuing joint trade in agricultural products.

According to Andrii Dykun, the Chairman of the UAC, the talks lasted almost 5 hours and were not easy.

"The issue of transit of agricultural products, and thus the blockade, remains unresolved. Representatives of the specialized associations and ministries of the two countries will discuss sugar exports next week. And on April 5-6, the trilateral Ukraine-Lithuania-Poland working group in Vilnius will address the issue of raspberry exports. The parties saw no problems with the export of Ukrainian honey," he said.

The UAC thanked Mykola Solskyi, Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, and Czeslaw Siekerski, Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Lithuania, for their willingness to cooperate in resolving export issues and unblocking the border. We thanked the specialized associations of Ukraine for their active position in defending the interests of the agricultural sector. We are grateful to the Polish representatives of agricultural associations for the discussion and search for a common solution.

Despite the constructive efforts of the negotiators, not all those present contributed to resolving the difficult situation. In particular, agreements on unblocking the border were not reached due to the actions of Polish Deputy Minister of Agriculture Michal Kolodziejczak. His behavior caused serious concern among the participants of the meeting.

"Inexplicable and inadequate behavior, nervous reaction throughout the negotiation process, shouting at the meeting participants and constant nose rubbing. Such an attitude towards the audience raised doubts about the person's desire to resolve issues that are painful for both countries. His aggression, destructive approach, and constant attempts to undermine agreements during ministerial meetings may have a negative impact on further cooperation between the two countries," the UAC Chairman concluded.

Thursday, 28 March 2024


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