The UAC Deputy Chairman in the commentary to told how possible it is possible to increase the number of elevators for grain storage in Ukraine.

This year, due to smaller harvests, farmers had no problems with its storage and logistics. However, the problem of lack of granaries is relevant, and after good harvest, we can see it. Of course, farmers need more elevators, but you need to understand that building them is long and expensive.

Only large agricultural holdings, which have the opportunity to attract cheap loans from Europe, can afford these expensive investments today. Small and medium-sized agricultural businesses in the context of one farm cannot count on this. However, the way out for them is to unite into cooperatives, and to raise funds for the construction of elevators at the regional level through them. That means, agricultural producers who are united, accumulate a part of their own funds, and the other one can be attracted from international institutions at low interests. This is how, for example, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development works: a borrower can count on a cheap loan if he invests a certain part of his own resources.

The second problem is the connection to the power grid. Today, this procedure is so complicated and in many cases incomprehensible that it takes months before the facility can be put into operation. The work to simplify the procedure for connecting to the grid is underway. Many relevant experts and organizations joined it. The UAC, as the organization which unites small and medium-sized farmers, and which knows all the problems connected with this issue, also submitted its proposals. This issue will be discussed publicly in the near future, during which the changes proposed by the experts will be considered. We hope that they will be supported and the procedure for connecting to the grid will be significantly simplified, which in turn will facilitate the commissioning of production facilities, including elevators.

Thursday, 18 March 2021


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