The UAC continues to unite Ukraine. 40 new agricultural enterprises joined the UAC in March this year. The total land bank of new participants is 91,449 hectares.

"The UAC works actively in different regions. We unite farmers and create a stronger front to defend our interests to meet possible challenges together. Every farmer present at our regional meetings sees the results of the UAC’s work. It is very nice that the number of the UAC’s participants is growing every month. I want to thank everyone for this trust! We have many tasks ahead of us; we have many work plans both in the agricultural sector and for the development of our communities and rural areas. Therefore, by uniting, we will achieve our goals. We are open for cooperation with every agricultural producer!” the UAC Chairman Andrii Dykun emphasized.

  • 16 farms from Volyn region: Agroproduct-Ghorokhiv LLC, Yuragro APE, Nesvich SGPP, Zakhid-Sitka LLC, Lan-Volyn LLC, Ivan Franko PLAE, P.S.P. Agro-Zakhid LLC, Shevchenko PLAE, SBE Ukraina Volyn LLC, SBE Ukraina Rivne LLC, Nabutok LLC, Volyn Nova LLC, Viliia Agro LLC, Lishche AE LLC, Rat AE PE, Eugene Shelepina AE
  • 4 farms from Vinnytsia region: Aliand SV LLC, Yasovana AE, Fermer Dorofeev V.V. AE, Ilinetske LLC
  • 3 farms from Odesa region: Tarutynska Zernova Kompania LLC, Kotovskoho PAE, Krystal AE
  • 3 farms from Khmelnytsk region: Vanden AGRO LLC, Dzherelo-V AE, Maiak-Evroinvest LLC
  • 3 farms from Kharkiv region: Pysarivske AE, Rostok-2004 AE, Nikolska AF LLC
  • 2 farms from Cherkasy region: Agrosvit AE, Ruzhyn AE
  • 2 farms from Dnipropetrovsk region: Agrofirma Pershe Travnia PE, Mriia-Agro AE
  • 2 farms from Kherson region: Svitanok LLC, Bryzhy Sivasha PE
  • 2 farms from Ternopil region: Agro- Ros LLC, ProfAgroTrade LLC
  • 1 farm from Donetsk region: Perspectyva AE
  • 1 farm from Kyiv region: Zemlya Pereiaslavshchyny PE
  • 1 farm from Poltava region: Iskra AC

Taking into account the catastrophic situation with Covid-19, in April, the UAC will limit meetings in the regions. However, our association is always open for conscious and active farmers who are ready to take responsibility for the development of the Ukrainian agricultural sector.

To become a member of the UAC, call: +38 (067) 472 12 44, or fill out the form:

Friday, 2 April 2021


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