The launch of the land market for legal entities should be postponed until the end of martial law in Ukraine. This position was expressed by the UAC members during a meeting with the Minister of Agriculture Mykola Solsky.

The UAC members believe that in the current situation, when the country is at war and is threatened daily by the aggressor, the launch of the land market for legal entities is harmful to national interests and may negatively affect the development of agriculture, in particular small and medium-sized agribusiness.

"Ukrainian farmers are facing financial difficulties today. As a result of the military conflict, many agricultural enterprises have suffered significant losses. Destruction and losses have caused a financial deficit, which complicates the operation and development of agribusiness. In such circumstances, farmers are forced to work at a loss, trying to save their enterprises and ensure the country's food security," said Andrii Dykun, Chairman of the UAC.

In addition, the absence of meaningful exports has a negative impact on agribusinesses, including reduced revenues, loss of market stability, and limited opportunities for development and modernization. Restrictions on grain exports lead to a loss of opportunities to sell products abroad, oversaturation of the domestic market, and lower prices for products, which means lower profits.

Under such conditions, small and medium-sized farmers will not be able to compete with large agribusinesses because they do not have enough money to buy land.

At the same time, the UAC members strongly opposed the sale of state-owned land. The ban should remain in place at the legislative level.

Thursday, 15 June 2023


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