The First Ukrainian Agricultural Cooperative expanded its activities in 2021, increased the supply of fertilizers and fuel to its members compared to last year. In particular, in 2021 the Сooperative supplied 64.6 thousand tons of fertilizers (nitrate, BAC, carbamide) and 24.8 thousand m3 of fuel (diesel and gasoline).

According to the executive director of the cooperative Oleksandr Buiukli, this became possible due to the established cooperation with manufacturers, clear planning and investment in the fleet. After all, the number of tanker semi-trailers in the organization has also increased: from one in 2020 to five in the current one. And the cooperative does not plan to stop, intending to buy another fuel truck in early 2022.

The presence of refuelers at times facilitates logistics, speeding up the delivery of fuel to enterprises. One fuel truck holds 33,000 liters of fuel, has 8 sections with a capacity of 2,000-9,000 liters and is equipped with a meter counter and a fuel nozzle. Thus, the presence of its own fleet allows the cooperative to quickly meet enterprises’ fuel needs in any quantity.

The cooperative also plans to organize its own port elevator in 2022 in order to be able to store grain for a more profitable sale. This year, the cooperative sold 78.2 thousand tons of grain, but intends to significantly increase this amount thanks to the port elevator.

Participation in the cooperative is beneficial for those agricultural producers who want to have attractive prices for the supply of fertilizers, plant protective products, fuel, and the sale of grain. After all, small or medium-sized farmers cannot buy the same fertilizers or fuel in large batches. And the cooperative can, thanks to which it gets good discounts. There is the same situation for grain - traders are always ready to pay a higher price for a large batch. Therefore, we put into practice the main task of the cooperative - to be the trading assistant of the farmer, providing him with a favorable position under any circumstances," said Oleksandr Buiukli.


The First Ukrainian Agricultural Cooperative is a multifunctional servicing agricultural cooperative. It was established within the framework of the UAC’s work in March 2017. Currently, it unites 74 small and medium-sized farms in 12 regions of Ukraine with a total land bank of over 200,000 hectares.

This kind of consolidation has no analogues in Ukraine, it gives farmers the benefits of a large holding company combined with higher efficiency and manageability.

Tuesday, 4 January 2022