The UAC Deputy Chairman Denys Marchuk told “Ukrainian News” about the situation on the fuel market, the prices for which are rising

"Talking about prices, in supermarkets they can be higher due to logistics. But at the same time, since the beginning of the year, prices for meat, dairy products and vegetables have risen due to higher prices for feed, electricity, raise of the minimum wage. Prices have nowhere to rise because products simply will not be bought," he said.

At the same time, Denys Marchuk noted that due to the increase of fuel prices, the cost of cultivating per 1 hectare of land would increase, which in the midst of spring sowing would lead to overspending.

However, according to his words, it is still difficult to predict how this will affect the final product.

At the same time, Marchuk mentioned that farmers had another problem related to fuel - the necessity to obtain licenses to store fuel for their own needs.

The fine for the lack of licenses is UAH 500,000, which is unfair, as many farmers do not buy fuel for this amount during the year.

Therefore, in the aggregate amount, such factors, as the rise of fuel prices and additional regulation by the authorities regarding its usage, have a negative impact on the economic activity of agricultural producers.

Tuesday, 16 March 2021


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