It's time to take stock and report on the results of the UAC’s work.

During 2021, we grew and became stronger farmers’ association. ️And this is due to the trust of farmers and the great work of the UAC’s team.

As last year, quarantine adjusted the work of the association - regional meetings with farmers were disrupted, but the UAC did not stop, waited for the "green zones", followed quarantine restrictions and actively worked in the regions.

During the year, the UAC organized 170 meetings in different parts of Ukraine. And as a result, we have over 300 new entries a year. The land bank of the association increased by 550 thousand hectares. We have leaders among the regions. TOP-3 in terms of entries: Volyn region - 35 new participants, Dnipropetrovsk region - 28 and Odesa region - 24.

In addition, the UAC’s participants are among the agricultural producers, thanks to which in 2021 Ukraine set records and collected a historical maximum of grain.

During the year, the UAC’s members paid taxes honestly and worked closely with local communities. Development of rural areas, improvement of social living standards is a priority for farmers. Our participants supported the development of education and sports, invested in the construction of squares, clinics, helped doctors, provided cars to rural clinics, cared for orphans, old people, and more.

More news of the association is on the UAC official Telegram-channel and on the Facebook-page.

Tuesday, 21 December 2021


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