The actions of Polish farmers blocking Ukrainian borders are becoming more and more radical. Who benefits from the border blockade and which country supplies significant volumes of products to Poland, explains Denys Marchuk, the UAC Deputy Chairman.

"Polish farmers are acting more and more radically. In addition to blockades of border crossing points, illegal depressurization of trucks has begun.  The protesters are trying to open trucks moving along the European border and spill tons of grain. Not only is the movement of our export cargo being blocked, but also imports cannot reach Ukraine, including humanitarian aid and what is needed for defense. Such radical actions must be stopped by the Polish law enforcement agencies," said Denys Marchuk.

The Polish Ministry of Agriculture is trying to take measures to end the farmers' strikes, but this is not enough. The actions of the strikers require the intervention of the European Commission.

"Polish Minister of Agriculture Czeslaw Sekerski said that the dialogue is ongoing, and inter-ministerial groups have been set up to technically work out the possibilities of processing the range of goods for crossing the border. Now we are talking about cargoes that transit through Poland to third countries, as Ukraine has active trade relations with the EU. The actions of the protesters contradict any norms and agreements we have between Ukraine and the EU. The European Commission should intervene in the radical protests of farmers on the Polish-Ukrainian border," added the UAC Deputy Chairman.

The embargo on the supply of Ukrainian agricultural products to Poland is in effect, and transit traffic is insignificant.

"The protests of Poland and Hungary against Ukrainian agricultural products do not correspond to the real situation. Ukraine exports no more than 300,000 tons of products by land across its western borders. The rest, thanks to the work of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, is exported via the sea corridor. If such small volumes cause indignation, the question arises: who sells the larger volumes? According to research reported by Radio Liberty, statistics show that from January 2022 to August 2023, Russia exported more than 12 million tons of various products to Poland, while Ukrainian supplies to Poland did not exceed 4.5 million tons. Who benefits from creating artificial barriers for Ukrainian products? Due to the strikes, Poland will also be unable to supply its products to Ukraine. The problem is exacerbated by the political aspect - we are back in the election cycle in Europe. First, there will be local elections in Poland, and later, elections to the European Parliament. If there is political will, the strike can be ended," said Denys Marchuk.

Monday, 12 February 2024


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