During the round table discussion “Public anti-raider platform. Presentation and discussion of measures to fight against raiding and protection of property rights in the land market" the UAC Deputy Chairman Denys Marchuk talked about methods against raiding, that were used for the UAC participants protection.

"During the years of existence of our association, which nowadays includes about 1,000 small and medium-sized agricultural enterprises, we have seen various situations connected with raiding against our members. These prompted us to make actions for legal protection of our members, the organization of public events, such as anti-raider forums, the development of which was in specific bills after all. Unfortunately, it is necessary to ascertain the fact, that we had raiding before and it continue to prosper using various forms and methods. Sometimes even local self-government is involved in the schemes. Therefore, it is necessary to look for ways to fight against this," the UAC Deputy Chairman mentioned.

In order to protect the UAC participants, on the basis of the association a security company "Haidamaky” was created. The company's work is divided into two blocks – a legal one (which is aimed to prevent raiding) and a disciplined force (the purpose of which is to prevent the seizure of an enterprise). In 2020, the company repulsed 25 and prevented about 50 raider attacks. In 2021, the experts from “Haidamaky” have prevented 30 attempted raider attacks.

During 5 years of Haidamaky's existence, we can assure that this effective mechanism works. We have something to analyze and to offer. We see that there are external and internal factors that lead to raiding. Among the external ones is the imperfection of the legislation, importance to protect the registers. But in addition to external factors, we outline internal ones that do not exclude farmers’ liability. After all, in most cases, farmers are calm about leases, which are not verified by notaries, lawyers. While the criminals, who carry out raider attacks, are extremely meticulous about lease contract and it is easier for them to find a mistake," Denys Marchuk stated.

As an example, the UAC Deputy Chairman talked about the illegal seizures of the UAC member's enterprise in Khmelnytsk region. The land of the AE “Myroliubne” (which is owned by Oleh Biliavets and his family), namely 72 hectares of state lands, was distributed by the regional department of the StateGeoСadastre to 36 people within a few days, who in turn immediately sold it to one person. All this took place with the assistance of the current head of the StateGeoСadastre of the region. Today this case is under the control of the Prosecutor's Office, the Minister of Agrarian Policy, the Head of the StateGeoСadastre of Ukraine.

"In order to prevent such situations, we need to work together in order the anti-raider laws work. There are many facts that contribute to the raiding in our country. Therefore, we are ready to help fight against raiding through practical mechanisms as a part of the work of an advisory center “Smart Country” and the SC “Haidamaky”, which includes the best lawyers,” Denys Marchuk said.

Wednesday, 8 September 2021


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