A new wave of raw milk price increase is being recorded on the market.

This time the growth of the average weighted price of three grades in a three-week period was solid — plus 43 kopecks — up to 10.67 UAH/kg. The increase is due to the rise in price of all grsdes, but most of all — the first and higher grades, which «catch up» with the previous rapid growth in the cost of extra grade milk.

During this time the average price of extra grade milk rose by 31 kopecks, up to 11.16 UAH/kg., the higher grade by 43 kopecks — up to 10,73 UAH/kg, and the first grade — by 56 kopecks, up to 10,12 UA /kg. The cost of medium and large batches of extra class milk by region varies in the following ranges: north and center — 10.9−11.40 UAH/kg, south and east — 10.8−11.40, west — 10.7−11, 30 UAH/kg.

Further price increases are not ruled out in the coming weeks, although at a much lower rate.

Source - MilkUA.info

Tuesday, 27 October 2020


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