In the first decade of June, pork prices continued an upward movement, analysts of the Association of Pork Producers of Ukraine noted according to the results of the weekly price monitoring.

Last week's trading showed a noticeable advantage of the demand for pork over the supply, because, as a result, the weighted average price of purchases rose by 4.4% compared to the previous indicator. Thus, the average price per kg of pork live weight this week stopped at 55.3 UAH/kg.

As a week before, there is a regional divergence of prices. Thus, as a result of a significant imbalance between the supply and demand for commodity pigs in the East the quotations rose to UAH 57-59 / kg. The market situation in other regions is slightly more balanced, so this week the prices in the Center fluctuate within UAH 55-57 / kg, and the maximum in the Western regions is half a hryvnia lower.

Most suppliers of pigs of slaughter conditions noted that the purchasing activity remains at a high level - the procurers are asking for additional lots of animals in the middle of the week, the old contractors have expressed their desire to resume cooperation. At the same time, at least a quarter of hog farms had smaller commercial batches to sell this week, and some were forced to take a pause to allow animals to grow to marketable condition. Both producers and processors have noted a markedly lower average slaughter weight of animals in recent weeks, which markedly reduces the overall supply of industrial pork.

Wednesday, 8 June 2022


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