For the third day in a row, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine is considering the draft bill №2194 on deregulation of land relations.

"Some political forces that opposed the bill have submitted more than 3,000 amendments, which the Council must consider. At the moment, 876 amendments have been considered and rejected,” the UAC Adviser on Land Issues Victoria Kiprianova commented.

The expert explained what would happen if the bill is not passed, how it will affect the land market and whether it will be at all:

"Non-acceptance of the draft bill №2194 does not affect the lifting of the land sales moratorium. Therefore, the sale will be allowed under the conditions that will be set out in the Land Code. Existing tenants will not be able to exercise their pre-emptive right to buy land, as there will be many let-outs and there will be no procedure for exercising pre-emptive rights. Communities will get to the ownership only agricultural land and only after its inventory (that means we don’t know when)," she explained.

At the same time, Victoria Kiprianova reminded that the draft law №2194 provided for automatic transfer of land to communities; deregulation in the field of land relations; the procedure for exercising the preemptive right to buy land; correction of other mistakes and conflicts.

"Once the bill is passed, we will hold an explanatory webinar, which will analyze all the provisions of the document in details,” she concluded.

Thursday, 18 March 2021


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