Non-governmental organization “Future Farmers of Ukraine": general framework of its functioning.

Future Farmers of Ukraine (FFU) is a non-governmental (public) youth organization, which trains youth aged 14 to 18 years, teaches leadership, personal growth and career success in the agrarian sector.

The organization's operation is based on the awareness that its members are able to promote successful development of agriculture in Ukraine and thus contribute to development of the local community, the country and the world as a whole.

The FFU’s mission

Mission of the FFU involves a positive impact on the lives of its members through development of their leadership potential, personal growth and career success in the agrarian sector.

Tasks of the FFU emanate from the fact that it:

  • develops the leadership potential of young for further use in the agrarian sector;
  • increases awareness of the global and technological importance of agriculture and its impact on welfare;
  • increases the  members’ confidence in their own abilities;
  • provides a conscious career choice;
  • draws attention to the need of wise natural recourse management;
  • develops teamwork, communication and social cooperation skills;
  • encourages a healthy lifestyle.

The key components of the mission are: leadership potential, personal growth and career success.

The FFU has a two-tier structure at the local and national levels.  A local brunch consists of members and a leader who is chosen  among others to organize the work and represent  its  interests in the FFU  All-Ukrainian Council. Local Coordinator exercises direct supervision of the local brunch.  Training activities and project appraisals are carried out by experts of the local branch.

All-Ukrainian Association is runned by the FFU Board, which consists of the leaders of local brunches. The Board is headed by the President of the FFU, who is elected from the Board members after the presentation of their own programs. The FFU Board uses all possible means of cooperation with local brunches.

The FFU  All-Ukrainian Coordinator supervises work of the Board. Training content and forms of the class activities are determined by the FFU experts. The FFU Supervisory Board includes a founder and representatives of UAC, AVM, AUPB and other non-governmental organizations of the agrarian sector.

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