23 non-governmental organizations and associations of Ukrainian agricultural producers have appealed to the EU Ambassador to Ukraine Matti Maasikas to facilitate the urgent unblocking of exports of Ukrainian agricultural products and the removal of obstacles to imports to the EU and transit of agricultural products from Ukraine.

Despite the measures taken by the European Commission in connection with unilateral discriminatory bans on imports of a wide range of agricultural products from Ukraine by certain EU countries, the expected lifting of the ban did not take place.

"We expected that the adoption of the EU Implementing Regulation 2023/903 of May 2, 2023, which narrows the ban to imports of wheat, corn, sunflower and rapeseed to the Republic of Poland, the Slovak Republic, Hungary, the Republic of Bulgaria and Romania for the period until June 5, 2023, would be a compromise solution. However, some of these countries still do not fulfill the agreements reached and continue to delay the import and transit of agricultural products from Ukraine in various ways," is said in the statement.

In particular, the Republic of Poland, despite the lifting of the unilateral ban, continues to impede the import and transit of agricultural products from Ukraine in various ways. For example, it imposes escorting of goods, use of electronic seals, slowing down veterinary inspections, resuming their use to transit goods, refusing to accept for transportation by rail cargo in 1520 mm track wagons with overloading on the territory of Poland, strikes of carriers with physical blocking of the border, etc.

Artificial obstacles are also being created in Hungary, and the Slovak Republic has not yet lifted its unilateral ban. However, agricultural products from these countries and other EU member states do not have any similar restrictions on imports to Ukraine.

In addition, some politicians in the EU have stated that the temporary ban on imports of certain agricultural products from Ukraine will be extended beyond June 5, 2023, and the list of agricultural products may be expanded.

"We believe that these misunderstandings should be urgently resolved in the near future so that we can continue to strengthen our unity in the fight against Russia's military aggression against Ukraine and counteract global food challenges. Also, in order to provide more predictability of the format of trade relations for agri-food producers and send a positive signal to the global food market, we ask you to inform us of the European Commission's position on the terms of trade after June 5, 2023," is mentioned in the joint statement of the Ukrainian farmers community.

The Ukrainian Agrarian Council, together with the community of farmers associations of Ukraine, is grateful to the European Commission and the European Parliament for supporting Ukrainian farmers, and is confident that an open dialogue will lead to the agreement on the format of further mutually beneficial cooperation and will only strengthen us all in the fight against the aggressor country.

The appeal was signed by: Ukrainian Agri Council, Association of Milk Producers, Association of Pig Breeders of Ukraine, National Association of Sugar Producers of Ukraine "Ukrtsukor", Ukrainian Agribusiness Club, Agrarian Union of Ukraine, Millers of Ukraine, Seed Association of Ukraine, Ukrainian Berries Association, National Association of Dairy Producers of Ukraine "Ukrmolprom", Ukrainian Bakers Association, Community of Producers and Consumers of Legumes of Ukraine, Association of Meat Industry, Union of Dairy Enterprises of Ukraine, Association of Ukrainian Producers "Ice Cream and Frozen Products".

Thursday, 18 May 2023


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