Horticulture is one of the most promising areas of the agricultural sector and the economy in general, because it creates high added value and provides revenue to the budget. The specificity of the horticultural industry is that it requires a large number of workers, which makes it possible to create new jobs. According to the UAC participants, 1 hectare of modern gardens yields about UAH1 million and creates 2 jobs, excluding those employed in processing.

However, in horticulture there are a number of problems that hinder its development, therefore, need immediate solution. These include limited access to quality planting material and export-oriented varieties, and a shortage of plant protection products for niche crops.

Horticulture is an export-oriented industry and for its success the access of agricultural producers to high-quality planting material - not only Ukrainian, but also imported ones, as well as modern innovative varieties that are in demand abroad, is crucial.

Unfortunately, Ukrainian nurseries do not have the opportunity to provide gardeners with a sufficient amount of planting material, modern varieties, virus-free seedlings. That is why the UAC proposes to provide equal compensation for the cost of planting material of Ukrainian and foreign production. Moreover, to launch a separate program for the development of nurseries in Ukraine.

Also, Ukrainian gardeners are limited in the usage of modern varieties, which are in great demand abroad and create the export potential of the industry. Currently, according to the law, only varieties registered in Ukraine can be used. That is why the liberalization of legislation (in order to make an access to those varieties that are used in the world) is a priority of the work of the UAC experts in 2022.

Another problem is the lack of plant protection products (PPPs) for niche crops. Due to the fact that the registration of PPPs is carried out for a specific crop, it is unprofitable for companies to register them for crops that occupy small areas. Therefore, it is important to develop a mechanism for simplified registration of PPPs for niche crops.

"Our goal is to provide Ukrainian farmers with the first access to the most modern varieties in order to be able to start the work of the horticultural direction as fast as possible," said the UAC Chairman Andrii Dykun.

A set of such measures will give a significant impetus to the development of the horticultural industry. Accordingly, - revenues to budgets at all levels due to increased employment in horticulture and processing and increased foreign exchange earnings to Ukraine through exports.

It will be recalled that the UAC has identified priority legislative changes for the development of the agricultural sector.

Thursday, 20 January 2022


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