Buying out Ukrainian agricultural products can be a solution to the permanent blockade on the borders of Ukraine and the EU. This was stated by Denys Marchuk, Deputy Chairman of the Ukrainian Agri Council, during the National Telethon.

According to him, a truck has been standing in line at the border with Poland for about a week. At the same time, the queue has formed on both sides of the border, causing multimillion-dollar losses to businesses both in Ukraine and the EU.

"During the meeting with our European colleagues, we proposed a way out of the transportation situation. Our solution is to buy Ukrainian products within our country and then resell them abroad. This would even allow the European Union to make money. Our proposal is already being actively supported by the Lithuanian side. At the level of their government and parliament, there have already been calls for the EU to consider such a proposal," said Denys Marchuk.

In general, the problem with access of Ukrainian agricultural products to the EU markets needs to be solved now, before Ukraine joins the EU," explained the Deputy Chairman of the UAC.

"Step by step, we are fulfilling all our obligations for integration into the EU. Where is the EU's responsibility for breaking the agreements? More than 40% of the tasks we have to fulfill for integration relate to the agricultural sector. Today, we already have duty-free and unimpeded movement of goods, which is not fully implemented and is constantly violated. Therefore, the EU must also take on obligations and fulfill them," he emphasized.

Denys Marchuk added that businesses that transit goods through Poland are currently suffering more, as most agricultural products do not stop in this country but go to ports in third countries.

"Our carriers are already looking for counterparties in other areas to avoid going through Poland, and they are succeeding. There will always be buyers for our agricultural products because they are of high quality and more affordable than European ones. In general, the situation is similar to wresting preferences from the EU for Polish carriers. The actions of the Polish blockers have already been joined by Slovakia and are being considered by Hungary. This is similar to the synchronized actions we saw in May this year, when imports of our products to the EU were stopped in this sequence. Only one country is interested in the chaos and economic instability in Ukraine and the EU - Russia," said Denys Marchuk.

Monday, 20 November 2023


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