The Ukrainian Agrarian Council receives more and more appeals from farms affected by cooperation with unscrupulous contractors: buyers of manufactured products, suppliers of mineral fertilizers, seeds, plant protection products and other material resources. To inform agrarians of similar cases, UAC publishes a black list of counterparties. It contains information about the companies with which the participants of the UAC had a negative experience.

All submitted information is informational and is provided exclusively by UAC participants using the Black list of counterparts as a means of transferring information to their colleagues. The list will be updated as new messages arrive. If you have any suggestions or comments regarding the data provided, please contact us at +38 (067) 472-12-44 or email

Name, identification data SpecializationThe essence of cases The number of cases

“TehAgroLyuks" LLC

Zaporozhye region, Berdyansk

Production of agricultural machinery for harvesting.

Received 100% subscription and did not place goods. The court against the company won, the case is in the executive service.

2 known cases

"Yaskrava Dolyna" LLC

USREOU 39340858

Kyiv region, Kiev

Specializes in grain and oilseed crops.

Received sunflower seeds under the contract and did not pay.

5 known cases


USREOU 36629355

Director Glib Pivshetsky

Supply of mineral fertilizers (represented by the Russian "Eurochem" division).

Received 50% of the contract amount as a subscription and did not deliver the goods. Do not register tax invoices. Contact phones are disabled.

1 known case

“Veritas-Finance” LLC

USREOU 39869017

Kiev region, Kiev

Supply of mineral fertilizers.


Received a prepayment and did not put the goods. Contact phones are disabled.

4 known cases

Farm "Zernodar"

USREOU 36782410

Cherkasy region, Chernobay district, Lyashchivka village

Growing agricultural products.

Received subscription and did not place the goods. A criminal case against fraud has been opened against a company, which is currently being examined in court.

1 known case

Agroval LLC

USREOU 36385105

Kiev region, Vasylkivsky district, Sokolivka village

Specializes in grain and oil crops trade.

Goods were received, but the costs were partially paid. The enterprise does not actually work.

1 known case

PE "Laguna-S"

USREOU 31651632


Wholesale of grain, animal feeds.They received corn and did not pay (only 5% were paid). The criminal case was instituted.1 known case

"Azotfostreyd" LLC
USREOU 35579031

Kharkiv, Rimarskaya st., B.16, of. 13

One of the priority directions of the "Azotfostreyd" company is the production and sale of organo-mineral fertilizersIn 2017, an agreement on the supply of ammonium nitrate was concluded with "Azotfostreyd" LLC. The subscription for the goods was listed. In violation of the terms of the "Azotfostreyd" LLC, a partial supply of goods was made, the other part has not been received by the buyer to date, no refunds have been made. "Azotfostreyd" LLC avoids talking, calls are not answered.1 known case

LLC "Ukragro Standard"

USREOU 39908490

65006, Odesa region, the city of Odessa

Wholesale trade in grain, seeds and animal feeds. Concluded a contract for sale of peas.

"Ukragro Standard” was a buyer. The indicated company took all the goods not paying for them. Do not answer the calls.

1 known case

PJSC "Nizhynsʹkyy zhyrkobinat"

USREOU 00373942

16600, Chernihiv region, city of Nizhyn

Processing sunflower seeds, rape, flax, soybeans.

Received a prepayment, but in fact they did not put all the goods. Delay time with negotiations, refuse to return funds.

1 known case

LLC "Kompaniya Inter Inzhyrinh"

USREOU 39684665

04128, city of Kyiv

Post-cropping activity

Received 50% advance payment for fuel and lubricants, but did not deliver the goods. Do not answer the phone calls and letters.

1 known case

“Eurostar Business” LLC

USREOU 35961241

01004, the city of Kyiv

Wholesale of chemical products

Received 100% prepayment for fertilizers, but did not deliver the goods. Do not answer the calls and letters. 1 known case

LLC "Dynvel Trade"

USREOU 41854298

04070, city of Kyiv

Wholesale trade

Submitted fertilizers, but in quality they do not meet the normative characteristics. Not connected, all phones are off.

1 known case

“Agrohimprodukt” LLC

USREOU 35791293

03143, city of Kyiv

Wholesale of chemical products

Received 100% prepayment for fertilizers, but did not deliver the goods. Do not answer the calls and letters.

1 known case

"Maksagroteh" LLC

USREOU 41195195

49000, the city of Dnipro

Production of machinery and equipment for agriculture and forestry.

The company received services for distributing information about their products. But still did not pay for services rendered worth 30 thousand UAH. LLC "Maksagrotech" ignores calls and letters requiring payment. 3 known cases
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