The Ukrainian Agri Council (UAC) expressed concern about the work of banks with farmers in the temporarily occupied and de-occupied territories. Speaking on Suspilne TV channel, the UAC Deputy Chairman Denys Marchuk emphasized the critical importance of adopting the law 11180-1, which ceased loan payments to producers from the occupied territories for the duration of hostilities:

"The Draft Law 11180-1 is vital for farmers who left the temporarily occupied territories but took out loans before the war. These people fled with nothing, and but nowadays banks demand to return the money. It is important to pass a law that ceases loan repayments for the duration of the war. After the war is over, farmers will gradually repay their loans, but during the war they need support and stopping of terror on the part of their creditors."

The state should create conditions that will allow producers to restore their farms and receive the necessary support.

"Currently, the situation is difficult: producers who left the occupied territories for patriotic reasons cannot receive state support in the government-controlled areas," said Denys Marchuk.

Another problem is the refusal of banks to provide loans to farmers in the frontline areas.

"People are returning to their lands where their farms have been destroyed. They do not have the funds to start working, and they often have to spend their own money on demining. Despite the existence of a Cabinet of Ministers resolution that includes agribusinesses in the frontline areas in the 5-7-9 preferential programs, banks still often refuse to lend, which puts farmers in a difficult position. There must be a clear position of the government and the NBU, which act as guarantors of lending," emphasized the UAC Deputy Chairman.

Thursday, 4 July 2024


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