The UAC Chairman Andrii Dykun took part in the interregional agricultural forum "Farms of Victory" held in Rivne region.

Losses in the agricultural sector, humanitarian support, agricultural exports, the future of the livestock industry and its development priorities were discussed with representatives of the authorities, agribusiness, heads of dairy and meat processing plants and international donor organizations.

According to the UAC Chairman, the number one task today, in particular for agricultural producers, is to plan, create and develop the processing industry and added value.

According to World Bank estimates, Ukraine continues to be among the most attractive countries in the world for investment in modern industrial livestock and processing.

Andriy Dykun noted that livestock farming is becoming more profitable than crops during the war and is the basis for the production and development of bioenergy.

As a reminder, the UAC’s experts and the Association of Milk Producers have developed and presented a Marshall Plan for the restoration and development of the agricultural sector, in particular, cattle breeding.

The FIRST STAGE is being implemented during the active phase of the war. This requires urgent support from Ukrainian producers. In particular, charitable financial assistance to enterprises from the occupied territories that have lost livestock as a result of hostilities, to purchase breeding animals, and financial assistance to repair damaged facilities and destroyed equipment. It is crucial to provide agricultural enterprises with generators for uninterrupted operation, veterinary medicines, vaccines, premixes, feed additives and animal hygiene products, etc.

The SECOND PHASE of the Marshall Plan includes technical support projects: farm reconstruction, farmland demining, purchase of breeding stock and provision of services to agricultural enterprises.

The THIRD PHASE will directly create Ukraine's dairy industry. Major efforts and investments will be directed to the development of processing, cooperatives, and the construction of agricultural research and educational institutions.

Wednesday, 13 September 2023


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