The interest in the development of animal husbandry is growing in Ukrainian agribusiness, in particular, among large agricultural companies. This is due to the fact that the industry makes it possible to produce added value.

Andrii Dykun, the chair of the Ukrainian Agri Council (UAC) and founder of the SAVEUA Foundation, spoke about the Ukraine’s agricultural sector at the conference "Efforts for the existence of Ukrainian animal husbandry"  within the framework of the leading livestock exhibition EuroTier 2022  in Hanover, Germany.

"Today, farmers who have animal husbandry are more or less surviving in Ukraine. The war proved to everyone how important it is to produce products with added value. Animal husbandry provides an opportunity, large agrarian companies have already begun to think about it," said the chair of the UAC.

As for the dairy industry, a roadmap has already been developed in Ukraine. It has been agreed with market participants, the Ministry of Agriculture and the President of Ukraine, and this is an important step forward.

"I predict that the recovery of Ukrainian animal husbandry after the war will be extremely rapid. But we need European and American processing technologies, as well as an understanding of who our partners will be. Ukraine is intensifying the export of dairy products, but there is not a single factory that can process more than a thousand tons of milk. This is the future, and we have gorgeous dairy farms. I believe that Ukrainian dairy farms are the most efficient in Europe today, but they lack effective processing," Andrii Dykun added.

Wednesday, 16 November 2022


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