The fields of plant and animal husbandry were greatly affected by the war, but Ukraine continues feeding the world, because this is the agrarians’ mission.

The Chair of the UAC Andrii Dykun told about this on the air on "Suspilne" :

"We have something to appeal to the world. Ukraine occupies a significant place in global food security, so we need to restore agricultural potential together. It is difficult for agrarians both in the occupied territories and in those where military actions did not take place. We did not break a record, but got a good harvest. It is difficult to maintain the food front, but we will manage it, this is our mission."

Planting is also suffering in safe territories.

"Today, classical agriculture is enduring - those farmers who grow corn, barley and sunflower. We could not export anything because of the Black Sea ports blockading. Now the Istanbul agreement is working and prices have risen a bit. Those who are engaged in crop cultivation are in a difficult situation, because logistics to the ports is pricy. Even if we take it to Poland and break even, that's great, because most farmers work in the red," Andrii Dykun said.

There was an occupation in the territories where hostilities took place, it effected badly the dairy industry. " Farmers in Sumy, Chernihiv, Kharkiv regions are in really disastrous condition. In Zaporizhzhia, there are farms completely burned by "Grad". The situation is the same in the Kherson region," added the Chair of the UAC.

The state does a lot for farmers, but the agricultural sector needs the support of the world. "The agricultural sector needs about 5-6 billion dollars for recovery. The state does not have such facilities because of the war, so we hope for help and foreign partners," Andrii Dykun summarized.

Thursday, 13 October 2022


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