According to the project implementation plan “Development and implementation of a pilot project on the establishment of Water User’s Organizations in Kherson region”, the selection of territories for the establishment of pilot WUOs has been completed.

Of the16 submitted applications, 7 territories were selected. Work with the following enterprises will be continued in accordance with the project’s plan.


  • “Shevchenko” LLC, “Emmanuil Farm Yuh” LLC, “Vremia” AE


  • "Zlato Tavrii" LLC, "Agrofirm" Mylivska” PE, "Agrofirm "Sfiera" LLC, "Dodola 2021" LLC, “Kovalenko A.B.” AE, “Pyrohanych O.M.” AE


  • “Adept AGRO” LLC, “Green Life-SK” AE


  • "Zhytnytsia Pivdnia" AE, "UTS-Agroproduct" LLC, "Yukos i K" AE, “Kovalev M.V.” AE, "Prydorozhnii" AE, “Atlant”


  • "Ahroistok-1" LLC, "Tachanka Sad" LLC, "UTS-Agroproduct" LLC, "Leand" AE


  • “Alfa Farm” LLC, “Friz Perlyna” LLC, “Otrada Agro” LLC, “Aronov” AE, “Savip” AE


  • "Eneida" PAE, "Mria" LLC, "MLAS" LLC, "Promethei-Servis" LLC, "Agro-Dilo" AE, "Technologia- Agro" LLC, "Bilozirka Agro" AE, "Rodnichok" PAE

Applicants who are not included in the list of "pilot WUOs” will have access to conferences, meetings, discussions, mailings and printed materials of the project as required.

We wish you success and thank you for your cooperation!

It will be recalled that within the framework of a pilot project jointly implemented by the UAC and the USAID Program on Agrarian and Rural Development - AGRO, Water Users’ Organizations are being established in Kherson region.

Tuesday, 21 December 2021


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