The Ukrainian Agrarian Lyceum is an academic institution for pupils of grades 10-11. The Lyceum’ mission is formation of a new efficient generation of Ukrainians. The purpose of the institution is to create a network of educational centers aimed at training active and enterprising youth, who are  motivated and ready to work in the agrarian sector of the country and to international cooperation.

System of the Lyceums’ operation fundamentally differs from that of a regular Ukrainian school.  The best achievements of world education, in particular the Finnish and Estonian systems of education are taken as a basis.

The world is continually changing, information is multiplying and updating flash-like. Due to that the main tool of a person should be a skill but not a large amount of information in memory. Therefore, the main message of lyceum students is a thesis: "We learn to do, do to learn, earn to live." A student should know where to find information and how to use it in practice.

Ability to work as part of a team is another principle of the lyceum. It helps fully realize students’ potential, try yourself in different roles, teach you to trust each other and be responsible. In addition, the Lyceum helps students to choose a future profession. During a study period, each student can try his hand in several occupations. To do this, internship in different companies and at enterprises is organized. Moreover, in the lyceum due to self-government, there are responsibilities that are distributed between the students. What’s critically important is that these tasks are not nominal but practical. It performs  a function of  a simulator of professional relationships as in real life. For this purpose, an internal currency has been introduced to the educational institution, it teaches children how to earn money and spend it usefully.

Lyceum students created a constitution of the educational institution that regulates rights and responsibilities.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018