The Ukrainian Agri Council invites agricultural producers to take part in the webinar "Major innovations of the Law on a single array of land and collective property", which came into force on January 1, 2019. The webinar will be held on January 24, 2019, at 11:00.

Victoria Kipriyanova, lawyer, consultant on land law, co-author of the manual Orenda zemli vid A do YA ("Lease of land from A to Z"), will answer the following questions:

  1. What happened to the lands of collective ownership
  2. Will the issues of "chess" in the field be resolved? How to implement it and not get trapped. Possible risks. What to do with "unclaimed units". New rules of the game.
  3. Do I have to hire the project field roads? Project fieldways - new owner and usage. Will it be possible to plow up them? Under what conditions?
  4. What do you need to realize the preferential right to lease the rest of the land in an array? Forced exchange of land.
  5. Land under shareholding: new regulation from January 1, 2019. How to regularize it?
  6. Exchange of land: When it is possible to share and when not?
  7. Protective plants: what will happen after January 1, 2019? Do I need to rent?
  8. Changes in emphyteusis.
  9. New Law "On Limited Liability Companies". Which changes should be made in the statutes of LLC?
  10. ATTENTION! All-Ukrainian normative monetary valuation of agricultural land: what to expect and how to prepare. Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated February 7, 2018, No. 105

During the webinar, you will have the opportunity to ask questions.

In order to access the webinar, please call (067) 503-19-08 or contact us on e-mail

Thursday, 10 January 2019