For the practical demonstration of agricultural machinery, 60 ha of field and three agrophones of varying complexity were set aside for action in the framework of the Clash of Agrotitans 2019.

More than 500 vehicles from foreign and domestic manufacturers will amaze visitors.

“This year, we expanded the range of techniques in action and the area for demos. In total, 150 units in action, 350 in statics and 60 hectares for practical testing will be presented, so that everyone can independently evaluate the declared units in their work, because the choice of equipment is always a crucial moment,” explains project manager Alla Achkevich.

According to her, the declared technique meets all needs of agrarians: heavy and small-sized, self-propelled and mounted, for harvesting and fertilizing, for sowing and cultivation, large and small agricultural enterprises, new and used.

The demonstration will take place within seven zones:

І - plows and deep plowers;

II - seeders;

III - Sprayers and Spreaders

IV - harrows and cultivators;

V - combines, reapers, bins, cereals and mulchers;

VI - hybrids of sunflower and corn;

VII - exhibition area and auto test drive.

“In addition to the practical demonstration of agricultural machinery, we have prepared a demo plot of 96 hybrids of sunflower and corn of foreign and domestic breeding, and to better evaluate the work of the tillage equipment we will carry out a vertical section of the topsoil. Testing will also be intensified for sowing, as a pre-planted area of ​​early sowing will be laid down, which will allow the performance of the units to be evaluated. We also prepared sections for the demonstration of row cultivators separately”, Achkevich summed up.

We are waiting for everyone on September 5-6 at the following address: Kyiv Oblast, Tetiivskyi Raion, Stepove Village.

For more information visit or by phone: +38 067 470 55 63.

Wednesday, 14 August 2019