Our mission is:

  • to make life and business safe;
  • to develop a legal society by lawful methods;
  • to promote patriotism and love to our native land.

Our target is: to become a national guarantee of secure and sustainable growth of the agricultural business and ensure customer’s confidence and peace of mind.

Our specialization is providing a full range of services for the protection of agrarian business (from the protection of crops and objects of agricultural infrastructure to the rejection of illegal takeovers as well as establishment of security services in agrarian formations).

Our tasks are:

  • asset-grabbing attacks prevention;
  • defeating illegal takeovers;
  • prevention of theft and fraud within the agribusiness;
  • collection and analysis of threats concerning agricultural enterprises;
  • informing about all types of potential threats and their prevention;
  • organization and audit of available security services;
  • establishment of modern means of protection at enterprises;
  • legal farms support;
  • involvement a team of journalists to provide a public response to the event;
  • training of security guards;
  • training of legal and accounting farm employees on preventing illegal takeover, theft and fraud at agrarian enterprises.
Tuesday, 1 May 2018