The cuttings market

In the beginning of the second decade of February, the purchase prices for cuttings in Ukraine were restored. Thus, if in the first days of February the average price for pork live weight was at the level of 39.2 UAH/kg, then this week the indicator was restored to 40.5 UAH/kg.

These weekly quotes on slaughtered pigs increased by 0.5-2 UAH/kg, and their range during the 7th week amounted to 39-41 UAH/kg. Most meat processors note that the prerequisites for the upward movement of prices have not yet occurred, because demand from the end consumer remains quite sluggish. Therefore, restoration of prices is partially associated with increased activity in the formation of stocks of raw materials by individual meat processors, who took advantage of the "window" of low prices. On the other hand, such a recovery serves as a counterweight to the fall in the price of billets, which reached a critical level for pigs.

Most representatives of meat processing are determined to stabilize prices at the achieved level, and their possible increase next week is estimated at 0.5-1 UAH / kg. So, during the third week of February, the members of the Association "Meat Industry" are determined to purchase pigs for slaughtering conditions at 39-41.5 UAH/kg. On the other hand, there is a perception that prices for pork live weight by the end of February will not rise above 42 UAH/kg.


Wild boars will be shot because of the African swine fever virus in Volyn. Such a decision was made at the meeting of the State Emergency Antiepizootic Commission under the Kivertsi State Administration and the local commission on the issues of technogenic and environmental safety and emergency situations. In the territory leased by the PO MFC "Horyn", last week a corpse of wild boar was found.

In the Lviv regional state laboratory of veterinary medicine, where the patm materials were sent for diagnosis, they found that the cause of the death of the animal is the African swine fever virus.

Due to the outbreak of this disease, it was decided to take measures to localize and eliminate ASFV in wild animals in the territory of the PO MFC “Horyn”. At the same time, a public organization was obliged to shoot wild boars in order to prevent the spread of the disease.

Tuesday, 19 February 2019