The cuttings market

At the end of January, prices on the cuttings market slightly accelerated the fall. Thus, according to the monitoring of purchasing prices for pig slaughtered terms, at the beginning of the third decade of the month, the average mark lost 4.4% against 3% of the previous week.

Last week, pork producers posted batches of 1-2 UAH/kg cheaper than a week earlier. So this week the price range "shifted" to 39-42 UAH/kg. However, individual meat processors also declared purchasing prices that were behind the lower limit.

The reason for the acceleration of the "money market" was the post-New Year's lethargy of sales. Although calm in the market in the second half of January and during February is predictable and habitual, some meat processors point out that this year's sales (5-7%) inferior to the results of work during the corresponding period of last year. The procurers unanimously state that the current supply of cuttings exceeds demand for it, in part because the volume of pork harvest was reduced in response to the weakening of sales. Thus, some meat processors buy only 40-50% of the traditional amount of cuttings and work on stocks of raw materials. At the same time, those enterprises having their own pig farms temporarily suspended their purchase from third-party suppliers.

Given such sentiment, operators believe that next week the average purchase price on the cuttings market will continue to go downhill. In particular, according to the survey results among the members of the Association "Meat Industry", during the last week of January, the maximum price tag may drop to 40 UAH / kg. Therefore, most operators are determined to purchase pork in the range of 39-40 UAH / kg live weight.


In the period from the beginning of the year in Ukraine, there were 1 case of ASFV in Ukraine - in the household farms in the Topila Village (Tomakivka district, Dnipropetrovsk region).

Quarantine continues to operate in 20 disadvantaged points on ASFV - in 11 regions of Ukraine in Dnipropetrovsk (1), Donetsk (4), Kherson (3), Zakarpattya (3), Zhytomyr (2), Kyiv (2), Mykolayiv (1), Chernivtsi (1), Sumy (1), Lugansk (1) and Cherkassy (1).

It is also reported that the first agent of ASFV was detected in 2012 in the Komyshuvatka Village, Zaporizhia region.

Therefore, in Ukraine, the ASFV does not subsist for five years in a row. Last year, 163 outbreaks of illness were registered in the territory of our state.

Tuesday, 29 January 2019