The market for cuttings

The domestic market for pork has finished 2018 without significant price fluctuations: in the last two weeks of the year, the change in average purchasing prices for animal slaughtered terms did not exceed 1%. The relative calm on the livestock market in the second half of December is evidenced by the results of the monitoring conducted by the Association of Pig Producers of Ukraine every week.

Thus, in the last week of the year meat processing enterprises bought a cutting for 43-45 UAH/ kg, and the average price stopped at the level of 44.2 UAH/kg. The low-level increase in the prices of pork in the purchase of meat-processing industry is explained by the weaker than anticipated increase in sales in the pre-holiday period. Some operators note that on the eve of winter holidays, the recovery of demand did not feel. Those who noticed an increase in sales, estimate it at 15-30%, which significantly inferior to their previous expectations. However, the reason for such a sluggish trade is not only the limited solvency of the end consumer, but also their reorientation to other types of meat and fish because of the desire not to scare away the symbol next year. On the other hand, the implementation of procurement plans and sales prevented and weather conditions, which strongly affected the work of enterprises in the Center and the Northeastern regions of the country.

Most operators believe that the price of the beginning of the year will be at the level reached: thus, according to the results of the poll of the Association "Meat industry", during the first week of 2019 the average purchase prices will vary within the range of 44-44.5 UAH / kg. The traditional post-holiday loosening of quotes is expected from the second decade of January and, given the slight volatility of purchasing prices in December, predict that it will be moderate.



In 2018, 145 cases of African swine fever virus (ASFV) were recorded in Ukraine. In 93 cases, the disease was registered in pets, and 39 in wild animals. In thirteen other cases, ASFV was detected in infected objects.

In general, in Ukraine over the past 6.5 years, 456 outbreaks of ASFV have been registered, the ASFV virus has not bypassed any of Ukraine's regions.

The largest number of cases of ASFV occurred in Odesa and Poltava regions - 56 and 44 cases, respectively. After them there are Mykolaiv and Chernihiv regions - 37 and 32 cases, and Rivne region - 31 cases. The smallest number of outbreaks of ASFV was registered in Lviv region - 1 case.

It is also reported that the first agent of ASFV was detected in 2012 in Komyshuvatka village of Zaporizhia region.

Therefore, in Ukraine, ASFV does not stop for five years in a row. Last year, 163 outbreaks of illness were registered in the territory of our state.

Tuesday, 1 January 2019