The market of cuttings

After nine weeks of the peak price of slaughter pigs condition changed motion vector. Thus, according to the results of the monitoring and survey of representatives of the meat processing industry of pigs of the 1st category in the first week of winter, they purchased 42-44 UAH / kg. As a result of the increase both the upper and lower limits of the price range, the average market mark this week rose by 1.3% relative to the end of the fall - up to 43 UAH.

The long-awaited increase in prices occurred later than in previous years. Nevertheless, meat processors point out that the recovery of demand, which could cause such a change, either from the purchasers, or from the end consumer, is not felt. The recovery of prices is now necessary to compensate for the losses of pigs during their long decline.

On the other hand, operators predict that the upward movement of prices will not be too long. In particular, during the last week of the year, processors foresee either a traditional easing of prices due to lower stocking activity, or stabilization at the achieved level. Although representatives of the meat processing industry indicate that it is very difficult to forecast prices under such unusual conditions, the maximum level of purchasing prices at the end of the year is expected at the level of 45- 46 UAH / kg. One of the reasons for the moderate increase in purchasing prices is the consumer's withdrawal from the tradition of "stocking" meat to the festive table, so the recovery in demand for pig meat in retail is expected only during the last week of the year.

Meat processing enterprises have reduced the production of fresh, chilled and frozen pork. Thus, in January-October 2018, the production of fresh and chilled pork amounted to 199 thousand tons, which is by 1.6% inferior to the production of this type of meat for the same period last year. In addition, the production of dried, salted and smoked pigs decreased.

The smaller domestic supply of pigmeat was compensated by the processors at the expense of import of chilled and frozen raw materials, the import of which in January-November amounted to 26.4 thousand tons. Although this year's imports exceed the last year, the supply of pork from abroad is just over a tenth of the results of work of meat processing industry for the mentioned period.


During the period since the beginning of the year in Ukraine, 140 cases of ASFV were recorded, including LLC "Mriya" (Lipovodolinsky district of the Sumy region).

Quarantine measures continue to operate in 31 disadvantaged ASFV regions of Ukraine's regions: in Odesa (7), Kyiv (6), Donetsk (5), Kherson (3), Mykolayiv (3), Zakarpattya (2), Chernihiv (1), Chernivtsi (1), Ternopil (1), Sumy (1) and Zhytomyr (1).

Thursday, 13 December 2018