Exports of fresh dairy products are increasing

In the second half of January, producers of fresh dairy products will be able to significantly increase the release. Against the background of increasing demand, some operators even try to increase prices for the products offered.

In mid-January large operators sell fresh dairy products in cheap packages mainly at the following prices:

  • milk 2.5%, a carton of milk: 19-21 UAH / liter
  • kefir 2.5%, a carton of kefir: 21-23 UAH / liter
  • sour cream 15%, a carton of sour cream: 50-58 UAH / kg
  • cheese 9%: 95-110 UAH / kg

From the given prices it is clear that in the category of traditional fresh dairy products the most advantageous is now sour cream. The production of cottage cheese is also profitable.

Last year, producers of fresh dairy products managed to increase exports of products. In addition to the traditional supply of fresh dairy products to Moldova and Georgia, the sale of ultra-pasteurized milk to the markets of Asia and Africa has significantly increased. Even Ukrainian yoghurts were taken to Europe.

Although exports grew by 37%, the absolute figures are still low. Given that the country produces up to 1 million fresh dairy products, exports of 24 thousand tons to the industry is quite small. In addition, external sales are unstable, so far there is no clear growth trend. For example, last month, nearly as many fresh dairy products were exported from the country as in November, and only slightly more compared to December 2017. However, the prospect of increasing exports, especially long-term milk storage, is very good.

Tuesday, 29 January 2019