During the week, representatives of the Ukrainian Agri Council held three meetings with agrarians in Khmelnytsky and Kyiv oblasts.

The agricultural producers of Kamyanets-Podilskyi and Krasylivskyi raions of Khmelnytsky Oblast met with the Deputy Chairman of the UAC Alexander Slipchenko. We thank the organizers of the meetings for the participants of UAC Igor Gai and Oleg Bilyavets.

In the Volodarsky and Tetiivsky Raions of Kyiv Oblast agrarians talked to the Deputy Chairman of the UAC Denis Marchuk and the Director of Regional Development of the UAC Olga Chuveeva. Thank you, Mykola Kaplun and Yuri Demtsura, for organizing the meeting.

During the meetings, agricultural producers actively participated in the discussion of the introduction of the land market and unanimously expressed their position against the sale of land in Ukraine to foreign citizens. The topics of agricultural cooperation, land taxation and obtaining licenses for fuel storage for their own needs were also relevant.

Friday, 16 August 2019